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Plenary Sneak Peek

New in 2024!

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Officer Galloway, a Texan, known nationally as the Tall Cop, has worked in substance abuse prevention and education for over 20 years.  After playing Division I basketball and receiving his BA in Sociology from the University of San Francisco, he worked as a law enforcement officer for 18 years.

In 2007, Jermaine started the company known as “Tall Cop Says StopTM”. The Tall Cop has conducted trainings in every US state and Canada, and currently devotes thousands of hours each year to training professionals and communities on drug and alcohol prevention, education, and enforcement.

Tall Cop:
Officer Jermaine Galloway

Returning in 2024!

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Dr. Alex Elswick

A popular speaker from the MATCP 2023 Conference, Dr. Elswick returns in 2024!

Dr. Alex Elswick is a tireless advocate for people with substance use disorders. He currently serves the University of Kentucky as an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist for Substance Use Prevention and Recovery. 

Alex is a trained researcher, recovery coach, and mental health therapist, as well as the co-founder of Voices of Hope, a peer-driven recovery community organization. 

But most importantly, Alex is himself a person in long term recovery from the chronic disease of addiction.

New in 2024!

Hasan Davis_Headshot.png
Hasan Davis

Hasan Davis is a lawyer, juvenile justice advocate, and motivational speaker. A self-proclaimed Hope Dealer, Hasan has dedicated his career to advocating for youth justice and empowerment, and his work has had a significant impact on the lives of countless young people and families across the United States.


Mr. Davis has held various roles in the juvenile justice system, including serving as the Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and as Vice-Chair of the Federal Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee. In these positions, he worked to reform the juvenile justice system and improve outcomes for young people involved in child serving systems including Juvenile Justice, Child welfare, and Education.

In addition to his work as a system reformer, Mr. Davis is also a sought-after motivational speaker and author. He uses his own experiences growing up in poverty and navigating the juvenile justice system to inspire and empower young people and the adults who champion them.

Mr. Davis' appearance at the MATCP 2024 Annual Conference is generously supported by CareSource.

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